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Caid College of Heralds - Office of the Recorder Herald
Lot Ramirez (Lyondemere)Recommend for Awardopen_in_new

Awards & Honors
Laurel Historical Combat Research 2015-04-18
Defense (AM)2015-10-10
White Scarf of Caid (AM)2005-01-08
Lux Caidis Research and Historical Combat2014-06-28
Court Barony (AM)2017-07-15
Duellist 2002-10-12
Dolphin of Caid 2004-01-24
Harp Argent (bardic arts)2006-01-28
Award of Arms 2000-06-10
Royal Recognition of Excellence 2003-05-25
Legion of Courtesy 2006-09-09
Vanguard of Honor 2007-05-12
Signum Regni {Edward and Mora} (AM)2008-11-08
Chanson (aka L'Honneur de la Chanson) 2010-07-24
Sigillum Regis {Conrad} (AM)2010-11-06
Corde de Guerre of Caid 2011-01-15
Signum Regni {Mansur II and Eilidh II} (AM)2015-06-06
Queen's Favor {Bridget II} (AM)2017-07-15
Seraph -- the Angels 2003-01-18
Athena -- the Angels 2004-09-11
Apollo -- the Angels (Bardic Arts)2006-01-21
Queen's Champion (Rapier){IĆ°una}2007-06-03
Queen's Champion (rapier) {Mora}2008-06-08
Bard of Caid 2009-01-10
Queen's Champion 2015-06-07
Queen's Champion {Unarmored}{Bridget II}2017-01-14
Serjeayntes of Lyondemere -- Lyondemere 2008-07-10

Heraldic Registration
Name and device registered
Per chevron rayonny argent and azure, two crescents and a mullet of six points elongated to base counterchanged.
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