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Caid College of Heralds - Office of the Recorder Herald
Felinah Tifarah Arnvella Memo Hazara Khan-ad-Din (Calafia)Recommend for Awardopen_in_new

Awards & Honors
Duchess 2002-11-17
Countess (PM)2000-11-18
Pelican {elevation ceremony at Calafia Anniversary 991106} (AM)1999-06-12
Laurel (Research) (AM)2009-11-07
Crescent 1995-04-08
Court Barony (AM)1998-09-06
Harp Argent (weaving)1983-11-12
Dolphin of Caid 1984-08-11
Crescent Sword 1996-05-25
Duellist (AM)2004-11-13
Award of Arms 1980-07-05
Territorial Baroness - Retired Calafia (05/29/1993-09/06/1998) (AM)1993-05-29
Rose (PM)2000-11-18
Augmentation of Arms (AM)2008-11-15
Signum Reginae {Leonora} (AM)1985-06-01
Sigillum Regis {Guillaume I} (AM)2000-11-18
Legion of Courtesy 2000-12-09
Signum Regni {Gerhart & Una} (AM)2003-05-31
Sigillum Regis {Drogo} (AM)2007-11-10
Signum Reginae {IĆ°una} (AM)2007-11-10
Vanguard of Honor 2009-03-07
Golden Trident -- Calafia 1983-11-12
Gilded Thimble -- Calafia 1984-12-31
Serpent's Flame -- Calafia (unk)1985-11-09
Serpent's Talon -- Calafia (AM)1993-05-29
Serpent's Fang -- Calafia 2000-05-28

Heraldic Registration
Name and device registered
Per bend sinister raguly vert and Or, an eagle's head erased and a threaded drop spindle bendwise sinister counterchanged, for augmentation on the eagle's neck a roundel azure charged with four crescents conjoined in saltire, horns outward, argent.
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