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Caid College of Heralds - Office of the Recorder Herald
Bridget Lucia Mackenzie (Altavia)
Name And Device Registered
Per bend PU and OR, a cross of St. Brigid and a castle counterchanged and for augmentation, flying from the dexter tower a banner AZ charged with four crescents conjoined in saltire horns outward AR

Duchess (PM)2017-07-15
Countess (PM)2014-11-01
Pelican 2005-10-08
Crescent -- Caid 2002-04-14
Lux Caidis -- Caid (fiber arts)2006-04-29
Court Barony 2008-05-10
Dolphin of Caid -- Caid 1999-09-05
Harp Argent -- Caid (weaving)2003-10-11
Crescent Sword -- Caid (PM)2009-06-06
Award of Arms 1999-05-30
Territorial Baroness - Retired Altavia (01/08/2005-05/10/2008)2005-01-08
Legion of Courtesy -- Caid 2003-04-12
Golden Oleander -- Atenveldt 2014-03-01
Rose (AM)2014-11-01
Argent Fret -- Altavia (Fiber Arts)2008-10-25
Starre and the Stone -- Altavia 2014-12-13
Athena -- the Angels 2001-09-22
Sable Fret -- Altavia 2003-12-13
Augmentation of Arms (AM)2006-06-03
Signum Regni -- Caid {Edric &Faizeh} (AM)2007-06-02
Signum Regni -- Caid {Edric V and Faizeh II} (AM)2008-06-07
Sable Fret -- Altavia (Augmentation)2008-10-19
Queen's Favor -- Caid {Mora II} (AM)2009-11-07
Signum Regni -- Caid {Conrad III, A'isha II} (AM)2016-07-16
Queen's Favor -- Caid {Tahira} (AM)2018-01-06
Territorial Vicaress - Retired (08/10/25-09/05/10) 2008-10-25