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Caid College of Heralds - Office of the Recorder Herald
Argent Fret

The stylization of members of this order is Companion of the Argent Fret.

Notes on this order:
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Battista de Lagos (Teaching in Rapier) 1997-05-17
Laertes McBride (unk) 1997-05-17
Ann Travers of Amberlye (unk) 2000-05-13
Duryn the Red (unk) 2000-05-13
Renata Kestryl of Highwynds (unk) 2000-05-13
Robindra of the Isles (unk) 2000-05-13
Asakura Machime (unk) 2001-05-19
Bérengère Marguerite Madeline d'Acre (unk) 2001-05-19
Li Kuang-Ch'i (unk) 2001-05-19
Wolfe von Pater (unk) 2001-05-19
Charles of Dublin (unk) 2002-05-11
Ariadne de Glevo (horsemanship) 2005-05-15
Elric Thurstonsen of Dragonskeep (box making) 2005-05-15
Sárnat ingen mhic Caille (Costuming) 2005-05-15
Asenath de Winter (jewelry making) 2006-04-29
Fu Ching Lan (leathermaking) 2006-04-29
Miroslawa z Gosprzydowa (Cooking) 2006-04-29
Santiago of the Angels (leathermaking) 2006-04-29
Courtney of the White Meadow (Fiber Arts) 2007-05-12
Marcán hua Máel Chathaig (artist) 2007-05-12
Morin Muir (fiber arts) 2007-05-12
Secca of Kent (Bardic Arts) 2007-05-12
Courtney of the White Meadow (Weaving and Fiber Arts) 2008-04-20
Meliora Deverel (Weaving and Dancing) 2008-05-10
Bridget Lucia Mackenzie (Fiber Arts) 2008-10-25
Asakura Machime (pottery) 2009-05-10
Robyn FitzOsbern (weaving) 2009-05-10
Therese of the White Griffin (fiber arts) 2009-05-10
Cristophanus Castellani 2010-05-22
Æthelwynn of the Angels 2010-05-22
Luca Serafini da Firenze 2011-05-06
Petronilla de Chastelerault 2011-05-06
Asakura Machime 2011-05-22
Medb ingen Echuid 2013-05-11
Vigulf Ragnarson 2013-05-11
Colette la trouvère 2014-05-10
Courtney of the White Meadow 2014-05-10
Eadric the Younger {Woodworking} 2016-10-23