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Caid College of Heralds - Office of the Recorder Herald
People of Caid, listed by honor received

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Society and Caid Honors

Sable Clarion

Sable Fret

Sable Oak

Saint Illuminatus of Starkhafn



Seraphic Star

Serjeayntes of Lyondemere

Serpent's Eye

Serpent's Fang

Serpent's Flame

Serpent's Scale

Serpent's Talon

Serpente Vert

Sigillum Regis

Signum Reginae

Signum Regni

Silver Quill

Soggy Maunch

Sparkes of Starkhafn

Special Service

Special Service

Starre and the Stone

Steinn (Stone) of Starkhafn

Stjarna of Starkhafn

Out-of-Kingdom Honors

Sable Axe

Sable Blade

Sable Chevronels

Sable Comet

Sable Crane

Sable Falcon

Sable Gryphon

Sable Lion of Caerthe

Sable Mountain

Sable Talon

Sable Thistle


Saint Louis with the Staff

Saint Michael with the Harp

Saint Roch

Salient Hart

Salt Bearer

Sapling of Caerthe (Page or Maid)

Scales of Dragonsspine

Scarlet Star

Scorpion of al-Barran

Scorpion's Favor

Scorpion's Sting

Scorpius Punctum

Scroll of Honour

Scutiferus Cynaguae

Sea Griffon

Sea Stag


Shark's Tooth


Siege of Cranes Combattant

Sigil of Æthelmearc

Sigillum Coronae

Silent Trumpet

Silver Axe

Silver Barberry

Silver Brooch

Silver Chalice

Silver Crane

Silver Crescent

Silver Crocus

Silver Guard

Silver Guard of Drachenwald

Silver Hammer

Silver Heart

Silver Ivy

Silver Lance

Silver Mantle

Silver Mantle

Silver Nautilus

Silver Nib

Silver Oak

Silver Ram

Silver Rapier

Silver Rose

Silver Roundel

Silver Spoon

Silver Stirrup

Silver Tear

Silver Thunderbolt

Silver Tower

Silver Trident

Silver Tyger

Silver Tyne

Silver Ulu

Silver Wheel


Small Fountain

Snowy Owl

Sodality of the Sentinal of the Stargate

Solar Leaf

Sovereign Queen of the Outlands

Sovereign's Pleasure

SPUD (Service Performed Under Duress)

St. Stephan


Stag and Chalice

Stag's Blood

Stag's Heart

Standard Bearer

Star of Merit

Star of the Desert


Swan and Cygnet

Sword of Calontir


Sheriff of Northshield* (order closed)

Solar Phoenix (order closed)

Stag's Tynes* (order closed)