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Caid College of Heralds - Office of the Recorder Herald
People of Caid, listed by honor received

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Society and Caid Honors

Gauntlet of Caid

Gemme d'Or

Gilded Thimble


Golden Lance of Caid

Golden Trident

Grant of Arms

Golden Ram (order closed)

Out-of-Kingdom Honors


Gentle Dragon

Gilded Heart

Gilded Leaf of Caerthe

Gilded Shield

Gilded Swan

Gilded Thorn

Gilded Thorn of Ansteorra

Glaedenfeld Star

Golden Alce

Golden Blade

Golden Blossom

Golden Bridle of Ansteorra

Golden Calon Swan

Golden Columbine of Unser Hafen

Golden Dolphin

Golden Feather of Mag Mor

Golden Galleon

Golden Gryphon's Talon

Golden Iris

Golden Maple Leaf

Golden Nightingale

Golden Oleander

Golden Paw

Golden Pheon

Golden Pillar of Artemisia

Golden Rapier

Golden Reflection

Golden Ring of Unser Hafen

Golden Salmon

Golden Star of Ansteorra

Golden Sun in Splendour

Golden Thistle

Golden Tyger

Goose Migrant

Goutte de Sang

Gratia et Comitas

Gray Beard

Green Leaf of Madrone

Green Talon

Grey Pearl

Grey Wolf

Griffin's & Sword

Gryphon's Paw

Gryphon's Pride

Gryphon's Talon

Guardant Ram

Guardian of Atenveldt, Commander

Guardian of the Oasis

Guardians of Atenveldt

Guardians of the Golden Flame

Guiding Hand

Gwyneth Clarsach

Gyllene Bandets (Golden Ribbon)

Gilded Griffin (order closed)

Grail of Grace* (order closed)

Great Snowy Owl (order closed)

Gryphon's Heart* (order closed)