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Caid College of Heralds - Office of the Recorder Herald
Ivan the Illustrated (Dreiburgen)
Name And Device Registered
Per fess SA and AR, a sea serpent ondoyant within a bordure wavy counterchanged

Duke (PM)1992-06-06
Count (PM)1991-06-01
Knight 1990-06-03
Crescent Sword -- Caid 1989-10-14
Harp Argent -- Caid (equestrian arts)1997-09-20
Award of Arms 1984-07-11
Corde de Guerre of Caid -- Caid 1992-09-06
Legion of Courtesy -- Caid 1994-04-23
Illuminated Tower of Dreiburgen -- Dreiburgen (Equestrian Arts)1995-10-21
Vanguard of Honor -- Caid 1990-06-03
Signum Reginae -- Caid {Fiona} (AM)1991-06-01
Signum Reginae -- Caid {Aislynn II} (AM)1995-06-03
Signum Reginae -- Caid {Anastasiia} (AM)1998-11-21
Signum Reginae -- Caid {CiarLasse} (AM)2001-06-02
Queen's Champion (Armored Combat){Lyn} 1990-06-03
Queen's Champion (Armored Combat){Arielle} 1992-11-08
King's Champion -- Caid {Gar} (PM)1994-06-04
Queen's Champion (Armored Combat){Ceinwen II} 1995-11-05
Queen's Champion (Armored Combat){Arianna II} 1996-11-03
Queen's Champion (Armored Combat){Seanach} 1999-06-13
Queen's Champion (Armored Combat){Battista} 1999-11-21
Queen's Champion (Armored Combat){Felinah II 2002-06-09