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Caid College of Heralds - Office of the Recorder Herald
Kolfinna kottr (Dun Or)
Name And Device Registered
Azure, on a pale sable fimbriated and endorsed 3 crescents argent

Duchess (PM)2009-06-06
Countess (PM)2006-11-11
Knight 2005-02-19
Pelican 2009-09-06
Gauntlet of Caid -- Caid 2004-03-20
Crescent -- Caid 2007-09-01
Crescent Sword -- Caid 2001-05-19
Dolphin of Caid -- Caid 2004-12-04
Harp Argent -- Caid (Viking Costuming) (AM)2007-06-02
Award of Arms 1999-08-07
Oleander -- Atenveldt 1999-02-14
Corde de Guerre of Caid -- Caid (AM)2005-11-12
Rose (PM)2006-11-11
Golden Oleander -- Atenveldt 2009-02-14
Legion of Courtesy -- Caid (PM)2009-06-06
l'Antilope d'Or -- Dun Or (viking arts)2005-10-15
Tour d'Azure et d'Or -- Dun Or 2007-07-28
Signum Reginae -- Caid {CiarLasse} (AM)2001-06-02
Vanguard of Honor -- Caid (Captain: 040724 - 060528)2003-07-12
Sigillum Regis -- Caid {Drogo} (AM)2007-11-10
Signum Regni -- Caid {Edward and Mora} (AM)2008-11-08

Known Aliases

Ciana de la Luna
Ciana Masina della Luna