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Caid College of Heralds - Office of the Recorder Herald
Dmitrii Andreevich Cheglakov (Naevehjem)Recommend for Awardopen_in_new

Awards & Honors
Chiron 1999-10-30
Argent Arrow 1996-11-09
Harp Argent (calligraphy)1997-08-02
Dolphin of Caid 1998-04-04
Duellist 1998-11-14
Award of Arms 1995-11-11
Legion of Courtesy 2000-03-25
Dragon's Foot -- Naevehjem (Target Archery)1995-11-11
Dragon's Wing -- Naevehjem 1996-11-09
Dragon's Gem -- Naevehjem (illumination)1997-03-08
Dragon's Foot -- Naevehjem (Rapier) (AM)1997-11-08
Ambassador of Courtesy -- Starkhafn 2000-03-25
Defender of the Flame of Starkhafn -- Starkhafn (Rapier/Archery)2001-03-24

Heraldic Registration
Name and device registered
Or, a falcon's head couped sable and a bordure rayonny vert.
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