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Caid College of Heralds - Office of the Recorder Herald
Dragon's Gem

The stylization of members of this order is .

Notes on this order:
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Brom Bryan O'Bearan Shaughan Hennessy Cassidy (bardic) 1992-11-14
Megwyn O'Bardain of Caledon Wood (Poetry) 1993-08-14
Katherine of Anglesey (Calligraphy) 1994-08-06
William Tinker (Woodworking) 1994-11-12
Medhbh Eithne O'Maille (illumination) 1995-03-18
Francesco Schiavone (Dance) 1995-08-12
Kaíres Tévesu (brewery) 1995-10-08
Thomas Blackkeep (fletching) 1995-10-08
Morwenna Gwir (instrumental music) 1995-11-11
Theoddegn Bloodaxe (instrumental music) 1995-11-11
Wynne Snowmane of Ravens Keep (song) 1995-11-11
Valentina la Valente (Poetry) 1996-03-09
'Afra' bint Tamir al-Sahrahwayyiah (illumination) 1996-11-09
Marcus Naturalis (painting) 1996-11-09
Anne of Crowhurst (costuming) 1997-03-08
Dmitrii Andreevich Cheglakov (illumination) 1997-03-08
James of the Lake (heraldry) 1997-03-08
Valentina la Valente (illumination) 1997-04-19
Talia Woods (Illumination) 1997-08-09
Ishmael of the Wells (fletching) 1997-10-25
John Garr (fletching) 1997-10-25
Marina Zanne (Costuming) 1997-10-25
Katherine of Anglesey (Costuming) 1997-11-08
Katherine of Anglesey (Illumination) 1997-11-08
Katherine of Anglesey (bronze casting) 1998-03-14
Morwenna Gwir (bronze casting) 1998-11-14
Caoilfhionn inghean Amhlaoibh (cooking) 1999-10-30
Igor' L'vov (period recorder music) 2000-08-12
Valerianus Magnus (period recorder music) 2000-08-12
Angus Dugald MacLeod (leatherworking) 2001-11-03
Hob Calvin (wood inlay) 2001-11-03
Timothy of Naevehjem (armouring) 2002-03-02
Áine inghean Uilliam (beadwork) 2004-08-28
Gregory of Saint Albans (Camp Cooking) 2005-11-18
Kerry of Naevehjem (Woodworking) 2005-11-18
Catherine Adrienne de Steele Cooking 2007-11-17
Magnús Gráhetta Bjarnarson (Cooking) 2007-11-17
Vittoria di Napoli (Cooking) 2007-11-17
Áine inghean Uilliam 2010-11-20
Étaín inghean mhic Carthaigh {Horse Barding} 2015-11-14
Jehanna of Glencairn {Horse Barding} 2015-11-14
Nicola de Lyne {Illumination} 2015-11-14
Zahra al-Dimashqiyyah {Horse Barding} 2015-11-14
CJ, mother of Etain {Wool Quilts} 2016-11-12
Jehanna of Glencairn {Artistic Endeavors} 2016-11-12
Zahra al-Dimashqiyyah {Artistic Endeavors} 2016-11-12