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Caid College of Heralds - Office of the Recorder Herald
Ambros Celidonis (Gyldenholt)
Name And Device Registered
VE, in bend sinister a double-sail-backed salamander statant bendwise embowed AR, orbed GU, and a bowl fesswise OR flammant proper

Laurel (metalwork(silver jewelry)) 1982-09-25
Pelican 1982-09-25
Harp Argent -- Caid (music)1981-08-15
Dolphin of Caid -- Caid (PM)1981-11-21
Award of Arms 1981-03-15
Legion of Courtesy -- Caid 1982-01-16
ForĂȘt d'Or -- Gyldenholt 1982-06-26
Signum Reginae -- Caid {Natalya II} (AM)1983-11-26