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Kingdom of Caid Heraldic Submission Forms

These are the December AS XLIX (AD 2014) version of the submission forms. They are available ONLY in Adobe Acrobat format (to ensure that the format of the forms is preserved).

Submission on older submission forms will only be accepted through the May 17 meeting. Submissions after that time MUST be on the new forms.

Starting January 2008, the fee for new submissions will be $8. Primary name and primary device submitted together will be discounted an additional $1, making them $15 total. Checks should be made payable to "SCA - Caid College of Heralds."

Name submissions require one copy only, including a copy of all required documentation. Armory requires one color copy and one copy of a line drawing (NOT a B/W photocopy of the colored-in form!). You should always keep a copy of each submission for yourself, and also provide copies to your local branch herald (barony/shire/canton/etc.) for their records.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure these forms, especially ones with emblazons, print at the correct size. See "Warning: Submission form emblazon size" from Dolphin for more details.

Name form - Now available to fill out online!
Please use this form for personal, alternate persona and household name only. Do NOT use this form for group names (branches, orders, etc.). This form can be filled out online and printed for submission.
Group Name form
Please use this form for any group names (branches, orders, etc). Do NOT use this form for personal or household names.
Device form (shield)
Please use this form for the primary armory of individuals or of official branches (kingdoms, principalities, etc).
Device form (lozenge)
Please use this form as an alternative (ONLY for individuals) to the Device (shield) form.
Badge form
(18.4 KB) Please use this form for secondary armory. This form may be used for either fielded or fieldless badges.
Permission to conflict
From the Administrative Handbook of the College of Arms, Appendix D: Suggested Standard Form Letters -- both specific and blanket forms
Heraldic wills
Also from the Administrative Handbook of the College of Arms, Appendix D.

Support Software:

Adobe Acrobat

The Adobe Acrobat Reader is available for free through There are versions for Macintosh, DOS, Windows, SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, and SGI IRIX (all of which are several MBs in size).

Any of the above versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader can also be downloaded using FTP via

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