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Caid College of Heralds - Office of the Recorder Herald
Murchadh Monaidh Chraoibhe (Calafia)
Name And Device Registered
Per saltire AZ and VE, in pale a Celtic cross and a ship reversed OR sailed AR

Dolphin of Caid -- Caid 2007-09-02
Crescent Sword -- Caid 2008-05-10
Award of Arms 2005-05-29
Corde de Guerre of Caid -- Caid 2008-08-08
Golden Trident -- Calafia 2007-09-02
Sigillum Regis -- Caid {Dirk V} (AM)2006-06-03

Known Aliases

Murchadh Garrioch
Murchadh Monach Craigh