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Caid College of Heralds - Office of the Recorder Herald
Edward Ian Anderson (the Angels)
Name And Device Registered
AR, on a cross nowy quadrate couped SA a great helm pierced through the eye-slit by an arrow fesswise point to sinister AR within a bordure per saltire SA and GU

Count (PM)1986-11-22
Knight 1984-02-19
Goutte de Sang -- An Tir 1984-01-14
Dolphin of Caid -- Caid 1988-09-17
Award of Arms 1982-08-04
Green Leaf of Madrone -- An Tir 1984-11-03
Athena -- the Angels 2005-09-10
New Battered Helm -- Caid 1985-06-02
Territorial Vicar - Retired (86/??-87/03/01) 1986-01-01
New Battered Helm -- Caid 1989-06-04