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Caid College of Heralds - Office of the Recorder Herald
New Battered Helm

The stylization of members of this order is .

Notes on this order:
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Gaston Bonneville de la Croix 1982-05-30
Casimer of Silesia 1982-11-21
Bartholomew Gwaltrudd O'Cullaighne 1983-05-29
Emory MacMichael 1983-11-27
Gaston Bonneville de la Croix 1984-06-03
Edward Ian Anderson 1985-06-02
Adrian Buchanon 1985-11-17
Frewin Finnbogason 1986-06-01
Guy of Castle Kirk 1986-11-23
Yaroslav the Persistent 1988-11-20
Edward Ian Anderson 1989-06-04
William Schuyler 1990-11-11
Caius of Umber 1991-06-02
Karolyi Attila Laszlo 1991-11-17
Yaroslav the Persistent 1992-11-08
Karolyi Attila Laszlo 1994-11-20