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Caid College of Heralds - Office of the Recorder Herald
Darla of Castle Kirk (Nordwache)Recommend for Awardopen_in_new

Awards & Honors
Duchess (PM)1990-06-02
Countess (PM)1989-06-03
Dolphin of Caid 2017-10-14
Award of Arms 1983-09-24
Rose (PM)1989-06-03
Legion of Courtesy 1990-07-21
Flamme et Soleil -- Nordwache 1984-05-26
Flamme et Soleil -- Nordwache 1997-06-28
Flamme et Soleil -- Nordwache 1998-06-27
Fenix d'Or -- Nordwache 1998-06-27

Heraldic Registration
Name and device registered
Azure, in pale two swans naiant argent and a fleur-de-lys issuant in base from a bordure Or.
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