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Caid College of Heralds - Office of the Recorder Herald
Flamme et Soleil

The stylization of members of this order is .

Notes on this order:
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Blodeuwedd ap Tyddyn 1983-01-15
Cuillean Lodbrog Houndstooth 1983-01-15
Christa from the Land of the Midnight Sun 1983-04-23
Elric af Tordenskjold 1983-04-23
Darla of Castle Kirk 1984-05-26
Guy of Castle Kirk 1984-05-26
Allen of House Latimer 1985-05-04
Ariel of Nordwache 1985-05-04
Adrian Buchanon 1986-03-22
Calista 1986-03-22
Bebinn of Silverwood 1987-03-28
Beth of Eichenwauld 1988-05-07
Ias Mustelus of Silver Oak 1988-05-07
Catriona of Glenkirk 1989-11-08
Mahmud Ali ben Sinan 1989-11-08
Gimlac the Grizzly 1990-11-30
JoEllen Luna SanQuis 1990-11-30
Cara Leigh 1991-11-09
Mahmud Ali ben Sinan 1991-11-09
Gimlac the Grizzly 1992-11-21
JoEllen Luna SanQuis 1992-11-21
Francesc Miguel Joaquim Inacio 1995-11-18
Gwendolyn Dylwen Llywelyn 1996-11-16
Leximus Taurus 1996-11-16
Darla of Castle Kirk 1997-06-28
Guy of Castle Kirk 1997-06-28
Darla of Castle Kirk 1998-06-27
Guy of Castle Kirk 1998-06-27
Enrique Juanito de Leon Vasques (Rapier) 2000-06-17
Francesc Miguel Joaquim Inacio (Armored Combat) 2000-06-17
Katherina Elycia Mosher (Rapier) 2000-06-17
Laertes McBride (Rapier) 2000-06-17
Seanach an tSeanachaidhe (Armored Combat) 2000-06-17
Joseph of Silver Oak (Actual Date Unk.) 2007-12-31
Bryan Gard Yale Baronial Protectorate 2009-06-21
Jenn of Nordwache (Nordwache Protectress) 2009-06-21
Kelson of Stormriver (Nordwache Protector) 2009-06-21
Muriel Gard Yale (Nordwache Protectress) 2009-06-21
Tiberius Bubulos 2011-06-18
Arria Cara Nordwache Protectoress 2014-06-14
Raynor Boleheued Nordwache Protector 2014-06-14