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Caid College of Heralds - Office of the Recorder Herald
Amadea da Strada Dragonessa (Altavia)
Name And Device Registered
AR, semé of roses GU, barbed, seeded, slipped and leaved PR, a heart within a bordure SA

Pelican 1982-04-24
Court Barony 1989-04-15
Dolphin of Caid -- Caid (AM)1981-05-30
Harp Argent -- Caid (Unk.)1987-09-05
Award of Arms 1976-04-24
Territorial Baroness - Retired (89/12/30-94/09/25) 1989-12-30
Sable Fret -- Altavia 1985-05-11
Special Service -- Altavia 1994-09-25