About SCA Heraldry

To enhance the medieval ambiance of SCA events, participants typically adopt pseudonyms and heraldic insignia with a medieval flavor, which they use on a long-term basis. Thus a person whose legal name is “John Doe” might choose to be known as “Hrolf Einarsson” to his SCA friends. And at SCA tournaments and wars he might bear a device on his sheild consisting of six black lions on a gold background.


Heraldic Leaders

There are many different types of Heralds, all with different job duties and different titles. Unless you are intimate with the internal workings of the Heralds, it is difficult to understand their titles and their job functions. This section identifies the different Heraldic leaders, their title, work area and job function..


Branch Heralds

This section identifies the Herald that is located in a particular branch.


Personal Heraldic Titles

These are the personal heraldic titles granted for long and meritorious service.


Heraldic Rank and Recognition

This section describes the official Caidan Policy on Heraldic Rank and Recognition


What did Heralds Wear?

The distinctive garments and other accoutrements worn and carried by heralds mark them and their function clearly. The principal identifying mark of heralds was the wearing of a garment bearing their master’s arms. Originally, this garment appears to have had the same form as the lord himself might have worn, but in time seems to have settled into what we identify as a tabard. Other identifying regalia was used at times, either instead of or in addition to the tabard. The main additional items were the staff and escutcheon, and for kings of arms, the crown