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Jacque le Cutiller
Dun Or
Awards & Honors
rank date
Armigerous award for service
October 13, AS LIVGreat Western War
Armigerous award for rapier combat
January 8, AS LVICoronation/12th Night
Award certificate reflects date TRM originally intended, 9/11/2021.
Armigerous award for rapier combat
January 15, AS LVICalafia Rapier Tournament
Armigerous award
October 6, AS LIIGreat Western War
Non-armigerous award for service
October 11, AS LIVGreat Western War
Non-armigerous award for combat
October 7, AS LVIIIGreat Western War
Heraldic Registration
Name and device registered
Per chevron azure and argent, a smith's hammer fesswise argent and a fox rampant gules marked sable.
Known Aliases
Jacques de la Cutler
Jaques le cuttler