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Caid College of Heralds - Office of the Recorder Herald
Lyre d'Or

The stylization of members of this order is Companion of the Lyre d'Or.

Notes on this order:
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Anitsa Kasperova (premier) {Unspecified} 2016-04-30
Ketill Olafsson (premier) {Unspecified} 2016-04-30
Scarlet Sparhauk (premier) {Unspecified} 2016-04-30
Verinia Caelistia (premier) {Unspecified} 2016-04-30
A'isha al-Raqqasa {Unspecified} 2016-04-30
Adeline of Berwick Upon Tweed {Unspecified} 2016-04-30
Beatrice MacKelli {Unspecified} 2016-04-30
Coinneach Kyllyr of Kilernan {Unspecified} 2016-04-30
Einarr grabarðr {Unspecified} 2016-04-30
Elena verch Gwalchmai {Unspecified} 2016-04-30
Galen de Leon {Unspecified} 2016-04-30
Kale al-Raqqasa {Unspecified} 2016-04-30
Katherine of Hornechurch {Unspecified} 2016-04-30
Katryn Brynsdotter {Unspecified} 2016-04-30
Konrad Korb of Orkney {Unspecified} 2016-04-30
Manus le Dragonier {Unspecified} 2016-04-30
Martin FitzJames {Unspecified} 2016-04-30
Móirín Chiardhubh ní Bhárdáin {Unspecified} 2016-04-30
Roese Meurdoch {Unspecified} 2016-04-30
Tabitha Leah of Samarra {Unspecified} 2016-04-30
Tahira al-Fahida {Unspecified} 2016-04-30
Hildibjorg in vikverska {Wood burning} 2016-12-17
Sunnifa Jonsdottir {Wire Weaving} 2017-05-20