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Caid College of Heralds - Office of the Recorder Herald
Crescent and Flame

The stylization of members of this order is Companion of the Crescent and Flame.

Notes on this order:
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Petronilla de Chastelerault 2009-09-12
Dmitri of Altavia 2013-05-11
Natasha of Altavia 2013-05-11
Lazlo Miklosfi 2013-05-18
Sophia Bako 2013-05-18
Joaquin of Lyondemere 2015-10-10
Chiara of Ashwood 2015-10-31
Sofia Biarnardottir 2017-05-06
Liam of Calafia 2017-05-27
Hero of the Horsemen 2017-11-11
Charlie of Gyldenholt 2018-01-21