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Caid College of Heralds - Office of the Recorder Herald
Chamfron of Caid

The stylization of members of this order is Companion of the Chamfron of Caid.

Notes on this order:
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Arabella da Siena 2008-12-06
Ariadne de Glevo 2008-12-06
Rhiannon o Hafan Gath (Premiere) 2008-12-06
Conall mac Séagháin 2009-01-10
Aoibheall an Sionnach 2009-02-28
Virginia Read 2009-03-07
Tamara of Many Horses 2009-05-02
Edric Aaron Hartwood 2009-06-27
Reina MacCormick 2011-11-19
Gabriel MacMahan of Silverhall. 2012-05-27
Terah Caernarvon 2012-06-09
Rhua Cat Ifrinn 2012-09-15
Brenna McCrimmon 2013-04-13
William of Bath 2013-04-20
Guene Annwyll 2014-10-11
Niall Marescal 2015-01-24
David Straker Whittaker 2015-03-16
Courtney of the White Meadow 2015-06-28
Michelle of Calafia 2016-05-29