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Caid College of Heralds - Office of the Recorder Herald
Leodamas of Thebes

The stylization of members of this order is Companion of Leodamus.

Notes on this order:
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Eilonwy de Lyur (premier) 1973-01-13
Armand de Sevigny 1974-01-12
Diana de Savigny 1977-11-05
Tryggvi Halftrollson 1978-11-30
Elinore Windemere of the Moors 1979-11-03
Christopher of Deauville 1983-11-12
Evah Marguerita Palma de Yuste 1985-11-09
Fia Naheed 1988-11-05
AEthelred the Jute 1991-11-09
Veronique de Viennois 1995-11-18
Olaf Olafson 1999-11-06
Eilidh na Tire Dharigh 2000-11-11
Alesia de Cattemere 2002-11-02
Danyel de Licatia 2007-11-03
Reina MacCormick 2013-11-09
David of Caithness 2016-11-05
Lasairíona inghean Ghéibheannaigh 2017-11-04