Minutes of the July 10, 2005 meeting

[Note: These submissions appear on the Dec 05 LoAR]

Meeting commenced at 11:00 AM.

In attendance were: Lachlan Crescent, Su Dolphin, Balthasar Seraph, Martin (Al Sahid), Douglas Flame, Hrorek Chevron, Catherine de Winter, Vivienne Recorder, Rotheric Kynith, Jeanne Marie Wreath, Elsbeth Nanny.

The schedule for the rest of the year: August 7th, September 11th, October 2nd, November 6th, and December 4th.

The CoH is discarding the broken copiers, if anyone wants to try to resurrect them, they may take them away.

Crescent, and the College (especially the typists) appreciate everyone's efforts to send submission summaries prior to the meeting. The earlier you send them in, the easier it will be for Crescent, and the more time can be saved in the meeting. Please send them as early as you can, with a deadline of the evening Thursday before the meeting. Submissions received after Thursday but before 10AM on the day of the meeting may still be considered at that meeting at the end of the meeting. If a meeting is running too long, Crescent reserves the right to end the meeting, pending all remaining decisions until the next meeting.

Submission summaries should include all of the info on the form - Name, Blazon, checked boxes, resubmission or new submission, name documentation. See current minutes for the information that we need and the format we'd prefer. Please send them to .

Vivienne de Lemperiere has volunteered to type all letters of acceptance and returns to submitters after we hear from Laurel. For this staff position, she will use the staff heraldic title, Recorder.

Next year's KWHS will be in New Orleans on July 16-18, 2006. Crescent has indicated that he wishes to put together a team to bid for the 2007 KWHS.

Approved submissions will be forwarded to Laurel on the August 25, 2005 Letter of Intent

al-Sahid, Shire of

al-Sahid, Shire of. Change of designator from al-Sahid, Canton of.

[Name] This name was registered 08/87, as al-Sahid, Canton of. At some point, they became a Shire in the Kingdom of Caid. Now the shire would like the reference in the armorial to match their current status.

Change approved and forwarded to Laurel.

Caid, Kingdom of

Iain Edwardson. New name and device. Vert, a fireball proper within a bordure rayonny Or.

[Name] The submitter is interested in a masculine name; no other boxes are checked.

"... the name Iain, while ruled SCA compatible, is not attested in period. [Iain Bán Menzies, 07/00, R-Atlantia]" Also, "Ian was ruled SCA-compatible in April of 1997. [Ian Duncanson, 09/01, A-Caid]". We found Iain in Black, page 372, undated, as a newer form of Eoin. In addition, OCM, page 88, lists Eoin, Ioan, and Eoan are listed as forms common in the 13th C. All of these various spellings are likely pronounced essentially the same as the modern "Ian".

Edwardson is found in R&W (s.n. Edwardson, p. 152) where William Edwardson is dated to 1518.

As submitted, this name is two steps from period practice, and thus is unregisterable. The first step is the use of an SCA-compatible name element, and the other for lingual mix (Gaelic/English).

[Ian Griffen the Archer] Submitted as Iain Griffen the Archer, Iain is a Gaelic spelling of which cannot be combined with an English name. We have substituted the Anglicized spelling, Ian. (Jaelle of Armida, LoAR February 1998, p. 2)

We considered changing the given name to Ian. As this is the Anglicized form of the name, the resulting name is only a single step from period practice. We also discussed changing the name to one of the documented examples above. This would remove the SCA-compatible name, but would result in a spelling which might be undesirable to the submitter. As we must return the device (see below), we are going to give the submitter the chance to make their own choice on which name they prefer.

We note that this is clear of John Edward (09/94).

[Device] This device is being returned for lack of contrast (RfS VIII.2), as it has a black charge on a vert field. A black charge proper is treated as sable for application of the rule of tincture. Options include swapping the bordure and field colors; changing the fireball to Or or argent.

Name returned for consultation with the submitter. Device returned for lack of contrast.

Heatherwyne, Shire of

Davin Mac Alister of Drake's Height. New device change. Azure, two natural tigers couchant addorsed agent striped sable and a dragon couchant bendwise sinister argent.

[Name] The submitter's name was registered 07/90.

[Device] His current device (registered 01/01), Per chevron azure and Or, two natural tigers couchant addorsed tails entwined argent marked and a bird volant wings displayed sable, is to be released upon registration of this design.

We note that the submitter's intention was to have a "striking" dragon but we felt that the submitted blazon more closely describes the depiction. We invite the College's comments and suggestions.

Device approved and forwarded to Laurel withdrawn by submitter.

Starkhafn, Barony of

Illaria de Farnedon. New name.

[Name] The submitter is interested in a feminine name from the 11th-13th centuries but has not marked the box requesting authenticity. She will accept minor but not major changes, and if the name must be changed she cares most about the sound.

Illaria is found in Reaney and Wilson, 3rd edition (s.n. Hillary, p. 232) where it is dated to 1219.

de Farnedon is found in Reaney and Wilson, 3rd edition, (s.n. Farndon, p. 163) dated to 1248.

Name approved and forwarded to Laurel.

Ishikawa Akirakeiko. Laurel resub. device. Sable, a demi sun argent and a ford proper.

[Name] The submitter's name was registered 09/02.

[Armory] Her previous submission, Argent, in pale a demi-sun and a Japanese stream sable, was returned by Laurel 02/03 as a Japanese stream cannot be blazoned in European heraldic terms. A resubmission was returned by Crescent 04/05 for lack of payment (resubmission timing exceeded Caid's definition of "timely" to one year following return). This design uses only European style charges and a new submission payment was received.

Device approved and forwarded to Laurel.

Mairghread ingean Toirdhealblaigh. New Device. Or, a Celtic cross vert and on a chief azure three mullets argent.

[Name] The submitter's name was registered 02/03.

[Device] We recommend that the submitter should not draw the Celtic cross touching the edge of the field.

Device approved and forwarded to Laurel.

Meadhbh inghean Shéamus (Lia da Firenze). New device. Azure semi of musical notes and on a fess argent a triquetra azure.

[Name] The submitter's name Meadhbh inghean Shéamus, was returned for conflict by Laurel 03/05. The first name submitted, Lia da Firenze was forwarded to Laurel 08/04, withdrawn by the submitter and manually indicated on the LoI, but registered in error by Laurel 01/05. This should be corrected via errata by Laurel in the near future. [Armory] The device was conflict checked and found free of conflict. Unfortunately, we must return this at this time for lack of registered name.

PLEASE NOTE - We considered forwarding this armory under Lia da Firenze, but determined that the registration was in error since it was withdrawn by submitter prior to registration.

Device returned for lack of a registered name.

Mina de Valencia y Alcaçar. Kingdom resub device. Gules, a tierce argent.

[Name] The submitter's name appears on Caid's 06/24/05 LoI.

[Armory] Her previous device, Gules, a tierce counterermine, was returned 04/05 by Crescent for lack of contrast. This problem has been fixed.

Unfortunately, this armory conflicts with the arms of Bahrain, Gules, a dexter tierce indented argent.

Device returned for conflict.

Tomás mac Caoil - Kingdom resub device: Per bend sinister wavy azure and argent, in annulo a lizard argent and a lizard azure all within an annulet counterchanged.

[Name] Name registered 08/01.

[Armory] His previous submission, Per bend sinister wavy azure and argent, two lizards in annulo bendwise within an annulet counterchanged, was returned by Crescent 11/04 for redraw. The difficulties of this earlier design have been fixed.

Device approved and forwarded to Laurel.

Order of Precedence Notes



Ó Corráin, Donnchadh, and Maguire, Fidelma. Irish Names. Dublin: The Lilliput Press, 1990. [OCM]

Reaney, P. H., and Wilson, R. M. A Dictionary of English Surnames Oxford: Oxford Uni. Press, 3rd ed. 1995. [R&W]

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