Minutes of the March 2003 Meeting

[Note: These submissions appear on the Aug 03 LoAR]

NOTE: The minutes for March are not available, but these items from the August LoAR appear to have been considered at this meeting. They are all the Caidan items on that LoAR that are not accounted for on the February or April CoH minutes.

  • 'Abd al-Salam of Saint Artemas. Holding name and device (Submitted under the name Sharif 'Abd al-Salam ibn Salah). Argent, in sinister chief a mullet between the horns of a decrescent vert and a gore azure.
  • A'ishah bint Rashid al-Andalusi. Name. (Device returned: Gules, two peacocks respectant Or)
  • Brion Dargan. Name and device. Argent, two dragons combattant sable maintaining between them a step-cut gemstone palewise gules all within a bordure sable.
  • Christgaen von Köln. Name and device. Argent crusilly formy, a bordure sable.
  • Christina O'Cleary and Anderewe Hawkewood. Badge. (Fieldless) A demon's head cabossed gules jessant of an arrow Or.
  • Colin ap Llywarch. Device. Per pale argent and vert, two wyverns combattant counterchanged.
  • Dimitrii Serev. Name (Submitted as Dimitrii Seryi).
  • Elena verch Gwalchmai. Device. Vert, a falcon argent within a bordure argent semy of triquetras vert.
  • Galen de Leon. Name change from Galen the Clumsy. (His previous name, Galen the Clumsy, is released.)
  • Jacob ffrayser. Name and device. Sable, a scorpion and on a chief indented argent a snake glissant vert.
  • Khalid of Dun Or. Holding name and device (Submitted under the name Khalid al-Adami 'Abd al-Aziz). Per fess azure and vert, a crux ansata and in chief a scimitar fesswise edge to chief argent.
  • Lot Ramirez. Name and device. Per chevron rayonny argent and azure, two crescents and a mullet of six points elongated to base counterchanged.
  • Lyonnete la cousturiere. Name.
  • Marisse vanden Berghe. Name.
  • Max Erich von Baden. Name.
  • Muirenn ingen meic Martain. Device. Per fess vert and sable, issuant from a vol argent a sinister hand argent.
  • Nicola da Lipari. Device. Vert, a griffin and on a chief dovetailed Or three mullets vert.
  • Robert James Buchanan. Name and device. Vert, a cross between in bend a triskele and a tower Or.
  • Siobhán inghean an Chamsroin. Device. Per pale gules and purpure, three triquetras argent.
  • Sören Nielsen. Device. Sable, a winged tree blasted and eradicated and in chief four crescents argent.
  • South Crossewaie, College of. Branch name. (Submitted as College of Southern Crossewaies)
  • Steffen von Ostdorf. Name. (Listed on the LoI as Steffan von Ostdorf)
  • Ulrich von Kallenberg. Name.

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