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Kingdom of Caid Awards and Ceremonies

An explanation for the awards given in Caid can be found here.

All ceremony texts are provided here in PDF format. For those who prefer Word documents, you can download one of two copies of the ceremony book: the "Field version", which includes all Caidan ceremonies a typical court herald could be called upon to perform, excluding only those pertaining to Crown Tournament, Coronation, and College of Heralds ceremonies, or the "Deluxe" version, which include all of the ceremonies below.

New Ceremonies (not yet included in Complete Ceremony Books below)

Complete Ceremony Books

Covers and Introduction

Armigerous Awards and Orders:

Grant-Level Awards and Orders:

Non-Armigerous Awards:

Miscellaneous ceremonies:

Vigils and Peerages:

Royal Succession:

College of Heralds Ceremonies:


In alphabetical order:

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